About Us

The Detroit Motor City Peacekeepers Motorcycle Club was established on April 10th, 2004 in Detroit, Michigan.

The founding members of the club consist of active and retired City and Federal Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, EMS, Doctors and Lawyers. Our logo signifies that we are Law Enforcement Officers, Federal Agents, Firefighters, Doctors and Lawyers dedicated to the city of Detroit and supports its development. We are a non-profit organization.

Our primary goal in becoming a Public Safety Motorcycle Club is to develop a bond between the above organizations and the city of Detroit, MI and its communities and to support and assist them in their time of need. We also assist the orphans, widows and widowers of those who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

MCPK will support all public safety and military motorcycle clubs and will respect the colors they wear. We work hard and we play hard and we enjoy the freedom two wheels has to offer.


Founder/President Conway "Beast" Petty

Vice Pres. Rico Williams

SGT at Arms Stevan "Pit" Miller

Secretary James "Ghost" Booker


Conway "Beast" Petty
Rico Williams
Stevan "Pit" Miller
James "Ghost" Booker
Chuck 'Ref' Gregory
Damon 'Slick' Smith
Kevin "K Rob" Robertson
Gordon 'G Money' Hampton
Greg 'Q' McQuartes
Danny 'Link' Williams
Marlon 'Mann' Carter
Joe 'Search' Tucker
Gerard 'Born' Franklin
Milan 'Rooster' Peele
Ed 'Glock' Cooper
Kevin 'Smoke' Bennett
Anthony 'Trip' Triplett
Leon 'Axe' Broadnax
Terry 'Turk' Lewis
Robert 'Ignit' Coleman
Kent 'Quban' Cooper


Treasurer Chuck "Ref" Gregory

Road Captain Damon "Slick" Smith

Road Captain Kevin "K Rob" Robertson